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About us is a corporate website of an agency that since 2008 has been a leader in offering yachts for rent and charters for vacations in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. In our...
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The best yachts for rent in Bulgaria >>

Sozopol, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas, Varna, Golden Sands, Balchik and many others.

If you prefered Bulgaria for your summer holiday please do not hesitate to rent a yacht for at least a day. The opportunities we offer as a variety of yachts and destinations are many and include bargain offers at affordable prices. You can choose a yacht for a party, sailing, fishing or simply stop in some quiet, hard-to-reach bay and relax in peace away from the city noise.

Bulgaria and its advantages for yachting.

Bulgaria is relatively new and a little popular destination for yachts for rent and yacht tourism but many people prefer it and they visit it every year. With its beautiful natural surroundings, many landmarks and millennial history, Bulgaria attracts yachtsmen, sailors and adventurers and they choose this wonderful country and its enchanting coastline. Another advantage for sea and summer tourism are climatic features, characterized by prolonged sunny summer, little rainfall, seawater warm during the summer, and almost no dangers of natural disasters.

The total length of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is about 400 km and it is represented by many sandy beaches covered with gold, fine sand, romantic virgin bays and 7 islands - Ivan, St. Kirik, St. Anastasia and others. In addition to the islands along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, there are amazing natural phenomena such as Cape Kaliakra, the mouth of the Ropotamo and Kamchia rivers and others. All this, plus a thousand-year history preserved in the coastal towns of Sozopol, Nessebar, Varna, Balchik and others, qualifies Bulgaria as the pearl of the Black Sea.

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