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About us is a corporate website of an agency that since 2008 has been a leader in offering yachts for rent and charters for vacations in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. In our...
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Sailing wiht yacht rental in the Aegean Sea of Greece >

Make your summer vacation unforgettable!

Halkidiki is one of the best destinations for summer tourism in Europe. All the unique natural phenomena including pristine bays and islands with unique flora and fauna, high mountains starting literally from the emerald sea characterize this area as one of the world's natural treasures worthy of a novel.

The routes in the region we offer in this aquarium are numerous. The most popular are the sightseeing trips on the three arms of Chalkidiki - Sithonia, Kassandra and Mount Athos. These routes offer more short sailings to the most remarkable places, serene sea days, contemplations in romantic sunsets and full relax away from urban noise.
Other variants of routes that are in fact more dynamic include long voyages of 50-60 nautical miles south of Halkidiki to the islands of Northern Sporades. A total of 24 islands. Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Peristera and Skiros are inhabited. They are distinguished by unique evergreen pine vegetation, amazing fishing grounds, underwater caves for diving and snorkeling.

Location and advantages of the region for yachting.

For Bulgarians chose Halkidiki for their summer vacation, the road with the car is short, easy and almost impossible to go wrong. From any point in Bulgaria to go after entering Greece all roads are well marked in Latin and if you are driving normally with small breaks the road is approximately 7-9 hours.

Entranced and located between the Gulf of Thessaloniki and the Gulf of Corfu. To the south forms the three known peninsular branches (sleeves) that have the shape of a trident. Characteristic is mainly the mountainous relief. Along Mount Athos extends a mountain range, the highest point of which is Mt Athon, with a height of 2 039 m, which is actually the highest point on the Halkidiki Peninsula.

Valuable finds have testified to life on the peninsula since 700,000 years ago.

Most of the marinas in the area are free and welcoming.

Our suggestions for rent yachts from Chalkidiki and the Sporades Islands >